Early Sport Specialization.

Limiting athletic potential. Increasing burnout & overuse injury risk.

What are overuse injuries?

Preventable, self-inflicted injuries from the constant repetition of using the wrong muscles in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The MAXIMUS Performance Training System counteracts these effects by using speed training as a vehicle to set up athletes for long term success.

The MAXIMUS Performance Training System: a Holistic, Integrated Program.



Developing great ATHLETES is all about developing great PEOPLE. Where as traditional training is hyperfocused on sport specific, physical training, at MAXIMUS, we view all developmental components as equally important.

Physical Movement is the foundation of any athletic feat. Inefficient, ineffective movements limit performance and increase injury risk.
Mental A strong mind enables a strong performance.
Nutrition Education The athlete’s fuel determines how their body performs in the long run.
Personal Character is critical to the long term success of the athlete. Our athletes are held to exceptional standards regarding beliefs and attitudes both in and out of sport.


Monthly workshops only go so far - our Training System strategically and intentionally integrate all components of athlete development into each training session, developing habits that enable continuous, consistent improvements.

Speed - The Competitive Edge Your Athlete Needs


Speed Kills

Reliable, explosive acceleration and blazing top end speeds will LITERALLY separate your child from the pack. Developing these skills will give your child the confidence they need to execute when it matters most, creating opportunities on the court, diamond, ice, and field!

Transferable Skills

Though it may seem straightforward, sprinting is a series of extremely complex movements subjecting the body to high levels of force. Learning to sprint efficiently and effectively will develop coordination, rhythm, strength, power, and durability that transfer immediately to their sport of choice.


Choose sprint training if you want to improve...

Vertical Jump

Breakaway Speed


40 Yard Dash Time

Explosive Power

Core Strength



Many Other Skills...

Many pro athletes invest in speed training to bring an edge to their game. Hear their testimonials here.


Dave Tomlin

Head Coach

Kenen Shadd

Head Coach

Crystal Shadd

Assistant Coach

Wesley Tang

Movement Development

Sotonye Tomlin


Craig Bongelli


Wade Wilson

Mental Performance
We offer 3 group speed training sessions each week at St. David's Secondary School. Athletes have the option of attending 1-3 sessions per week.
Current Date & Time Offerings

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6-7:30PM.

What to Expect...

Athlete Mentoring

Acceleration/Velocity Training

Physical & Nutrition Assessments

Mental Skills Training

Sport Specific Speed Training

Preventative Injury Prescription

Movement Development

Goal Setting

NCAA Recruiting Information

All of this and more included in a monthly coaching fee of $225.

Click here to see what a typical training session looks like.

Coaching Rates

Monthly rates are based on what works best with your athlete's schedule.
Rate Option Price per month* (HST included)
1 per week 140
2 per week 200
3 per week 240

*Based on a 4 week month. Monthly rates may vary when prorated for cancelled practices/holidays and/or 5 week months.

Here’s a free trial session for your child to experience first hand the MAXIMUS Performance Training System.
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