Why Speed?

Speed Kills

Reliable and explosive acceleration and top end speed skills will LITERALLY separate your players from their competition. These skills provide a major advantage, contributing to wins!

Transferable Skills

Though it may seem straightforward, sprinting is a series of extremely complex movements subjecting the body to high levels of force. As such, your players will develop high amounts of coordination, rhythm, strength, and power.
All of these skills serve to improve player performance and reduce injury risk.

Choose sprint training if you want to improve...

Vertical Jump

Breakaway Speed


40 Yard Dash Time

Explosive Power

Core Strength



Many Other Skills...

Many pro athletes invest in speed training to bring an edge to their game. Hear their testimonials here.

The MAXIMUS Performance Training System: an Integrated, Holistic Program.


We strategically and intentionally integrate multiple components of athlete development into each training session to enable continuous, consistent improvements.


Developing great ATHLETES is all about developing great PEOPLE. Where as traditional training is hyperfocused on sport specific, physical training, at MAXIMUS, we view all developmental components as equally important.
Physical → Movement is the foundation of any athletic feat. Inefficient, ineffective movements limit performance and increase injury risk.
Mental → A strong mind brings about a strong performance.
Nutrition Education → How you choose fuel your body determines how you perform in the long run.
Personal → We hold our athletes to exceptional standards regarding beliefs and attitudes both in and out of sport.
Click here to hear from the coaches themselves about how the MAXIMUS Performance Training System provides athletes the ultimate competitive advantage.

Training Packages

MAXIMUS Coaches will lead your team through 1 hour training sessions for a minimum of 8 weeks. Flexible date, time and location offerings available.

What to Expect...

- Mental skills training to develop tougher, more focused, and more durable athletes.

- Injury prevention keeping your athletes in the game.

- Acceleration and top end speed training to improve athlete fundamentals.

- Sport specific speed and agility training to improve in game performance.

- Program consulting to facilitate transfer of learned speed skills into sport specific contexts.

All of this and more for a coaching fee of $150/session. Minimum of 8 sessions, additional charge for teams with >15 athletes ($10/athlete).

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